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Hi everyone! Yet another review, this is on the frizz ease 3 day straight spray that retails for $7.99 for a 3.5 oz bottle. So I had taken pictures of my hair when I had straightened it using this spray and then my computer went crazy and Brandon had to fix it, so I lost everything that was on it in the process. That was fun. I have no proof that this helped my hair stay straight for 3 days, but it did, you’ll just have to believe me,lol. Now according to the natural hair categorizing system thing, I have 4a and 4b, maybe 4c type hair. That means it’s super curly, kinky hair, but my hair is also fine, so it’s a little bit more manageable than if it were thick. Anyway, back to the spray, I got a 1 oz sample bottle  courtesy of Influenster for review purposes ( and yes I have to put that in any blog post that features an item from them,lol). That little bottle lasted me for a month I think. It had a pleasant smell, wasn’t too perfumey, didn’t weigh my hair down and made my hair super shiny. The spray helped cut down on blow drying my hair by half, which is awesome. Would I purchase this? Yes I would, as well as the frizz ease serum. You can pick this up at Target, Fred Meyer, Walgreens, really anywhere you can get the frizz ease line.

Just a quick thing, I found my pictures! Yay, so here we go:

IMG_20140307_164433   This is just to show the texture of my hair, in case you don’t know 🙂


Here is the first day I straightened my hair, now I don’t try to get my hair bone straight. I like my hair to have some texture to it as that is what I’m used to, I’m used to my hair being big. Also something I should mention is that the 3 day straight does not protect against humidity, so you would have to use it with a humidity protectant spray or serum if you really want to prolong the wear of your straightened style.(Please excuse the no makeup face, I wasn’t going anywhere so yeah)


And here is the 3rd day. I don’t know why I’m making these faces, but I like it anyway. My makeup looks so nice :). Anyway, so there you have, photographic evidence. Yay!

Have you tried this yet, what did you think? Thank you for reading and don’t forget to subscribe :).