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Hey everyone! Look another post, how weird, right? Ok, this post is a review that I said I would do a long, long time ago and never got around to it. It’s on the Boots Botanics Ionic Clay Mask, which is available at Target for $9.39. I got it free courtesy of Influenster for review purposes. Got that out of the way, I love this product and would purchase this after I’m done with this bottle. It reminds me of the Queen Helene Masque Mint Julep, but not as thick and without the mint smell. It also doesn’t burn my face like the Queen Helene masque, which is why I like it so much. After I use this, my skin feels softer and my skin clears up faster, thanks to the willowbark. I Don’t know what else to about it except that I like it and it works well with my sensitive, acne prone and combination skin.

Do you have any suggestions on what i should try next? Have you tried this mask, what were your thoughts?

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P.S.: So I was just given a discount code from Boots Botanics for 20% off their shine away line on boots.com. The best part about this, is that I get to share it with you :). Woohoo! You know, just some of the perks of being an Influenster. Here is the magical link to use: http://us.boots.com/product_list.do?q=botanicsshineaway&promoCode=bcinf