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Hello! So i just received my order from this site, so i thought i would do a little review on it. Just so you know, it’s my first review, so you know, bear with me and all that stuff. ok, so what is luvocracy? Well have you ever heard of a little site called Pinterest? it’s like that except you can order the items that you pin (or in this case luv) directly from the site. That’s not even the awesome part. The awesome part is that they (whoever “they” are, i like to think of them as my little minions) will scour the web to find the lowest price. Of course if you really wanted to, you could do the same thing yourself, it’s just nice to have minions do it for you. Another thing they offer is if you find something you love on the site, but the vendor the item came from no longer carries it, you can hit the inquire button and again, the minions will go out and find another vendor, if they can. Then they will email you the results. i originally signed up with this sight in September, so really not to long ago. i got a $10 credit for signing up. besides that there are 2 ways to earn rewards, the first being when someone buys something you recommend and the second being when someone you invited makes a purchase. in your first year as a member, you earn 2% of everything bought by the people you invite.Yeah, i just read about that 2 days ago,and as interesting as that is, it really wasn’t why i signed up for it. I just like being able to order from the site, so that’s what i use it for. Now that you kind of know more about the site, here’s my experience with it so far. I ordered the e.l.f. flat top brush on november 27th using my $10 credit, so essentially getting it for free. the shipping was $5.18, the item itself was $3.00, normally i wouldn’t purchase something online if the shipping cost is more than the actual cost of the item, but i wasn’t using my money, so i wasn’t too worried about it. i got my package the day after Christmas, so kind of long wait, but i’m a pretty easy going person so it didn’t bother me a whole lot. What did bother me was the fact that i couldn’t track my package. i did get an email telling me it shipped, which was nice. I guess i’m kind of spoiled because i can track my packages on most sites, such as amazon, but on there i couldn’t find anything about tracking it what so ever.( if i do find something i’ll update this post) it did have a tracking number, but i couldn’t find anywhere for me to plug it in to see where my package was. Oh well i guess, haha. Β i have yet to buy using a credit or debit card, but if you want to read about how buying works on luvocracy you can click hereΒ and while i’m at it, click here for info on how rewards work. So overall i really like this site, despite not being able to track my package. I do recommend giving it a try, it’s free and as far as i know you can still get $10 for signing up. here are some of the latest items i’ve added to my collection, if you want, you can click on the button below and sign up. Also, if you are already a member, what do you think about? Thanks for reading!


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