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Yay! I remembered this week :D. with out further ado:

A Quirky Blouse

Do you notice a theme? I’m very drawn to classic and minimalist pieces but at the same time i like to be able to layer said pieces. I love a fun quirky blouse because it’s something easy i can throw on and i’m put together but fun. Zara is a pretty good place for quirky blouses, forever 21 sometimes has some nice ones too, as well as yes style. Mod Cloth is also a good place to look.


Flared Pants and Jeans

I kind of view them as the same as leggings, in that if they fit me well, i would wear them in any color and certain patterns. To me the only difference is that flared pants are less casual. Get a pair from here and here.


really? flares with applique at the bottom? yes, yes i would totally rock that

Bonus: Robot Dresses!

So i was actually really surprised by how many different robot dresses i found on pinterest, the first one i saw was on the the forever 21 website, other than that i don’t know. I’ve searched amazon and google so far and can’t find any others :(. but really i only need one.

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