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So in november, i mentioned that i was moving the shakeology challenge to january and that i was doing a video explaining it. Well that video never got filmed, i just could not find time to do it, so i thought i would just do a blog post and try to add a video later if i ever get to film it. Ok, so the challenge will start January 6th.

So, how do you sign up?

  • First, I need to be your free beachbody coach in order for to participate in this challenge. you can do that here.
  • leave me a message on my facebook page here

What do you need to join?

  • shakeology
  • able to do daily challenges
  • able to post daily challenges for other challengers in the group.

Do you need a beachbody workout to join?

In short, no. It’s not required at all. The only thing you must have is shakeology. if you already have shakeology, awesome! If not you can order it here.

How long is the Challenge?

the challenge will be 30 days long, for those of you trying shakeology for the first time know that there is a 30 day, bottom of the bag money back guarantee, no questions asked. for more information about that, you can message me on my facebook page.

Ok, I bought the shakeology and you are my coach, now what?

If i’m not already your friend on facebook, i’ll send you a friend request, once you have accepted i’ll add you to a private group called The Shakeology Experiment. From there you can all introduce yourselves and tell us a bit about your goals and health journey thus far. Remember this group is private so anything you post in the group no one but other members will be able to see. they will show up in your feed, but again you will only be able to see them because you are in the group.

We will be drinking shakeology everyday for 30 days. I plan on doing a shake after I workout and on days I don’t workout I plan on drinking it for my breakfast along with some fruit.

During the 30 days I will randomly be picking 1 person to choose a daily challenge, so make sure you pay attention! In these daily challenges you can require challengers to do almost anything, for example:

today post you favorite workout shoes

today post your favorite band

today post a picture of you doing your favorite exercise

today post a quote from your favorite movie

By doing this it keeps us all alert and it’s a fun way of staying accountable. Please make sure your notifications are turned on so you can stay up to date and we can help each other through the challenge. for more information about shakeology you can click here. If you have questions about the challenge, message me on my facebook page.

Why did you move the Challenge to January?

i realized that it wasn’t realistic to expect people to want to participate in this challenge during the holiday season. Most people are more worried about spending time with family and buying presents and everything else that comes with the holidays. The reason i figured that out was that it’s something i’m focused on right now, the last thing i’m thinking about is doing a challenge, lol. My one real goal this holiday season is to not gain weight, that way i can still enjoy it, especially foodwise. Plus, January is when most everyone wants to start fresh and make better choices health wise among other things. That being said, take a look at The Beachbody Ultimate Reset if you are thinking of doing a detox to start off your New Year. Information about Shakology can be found here. I believe that’s it for now, i hope you will join me in this challenge and thank you for reading my blog 😀