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One of the makeup trends i’m doing right now is the grunge look, or at least it’s grunge inspired. i love it because it’s super easy and is just helpful when i haven’t gotten a lot of sleep, which is most of the time. i also plan on doing a more glam ย version of this look for holiday parties, by adding a bit of gold eyeshadow to the inner area of the eyelid. for the rest of my face, i don’t put on any blush with it, opting more for contour and a bit of dewiness to the cheeks and then i do a pretty pinky nude lip stick. Most people do a very deep, dark, vampy lip, which looks amazing, but right now i’m just into nude lips, haha. so yeah, right now this is my go to look, i’ll leave you with some pictures and one of my favorite tutorials. Thank you for reading!


couldn’t find a lot of people of color, but i plan on doing my own tutorial on the look, if anyone is interested, so stay tuned for that, here is a tutorial from pixiwoo: