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hey everybody, so i feel like i haven’t done a post in awhile, so i thought i would do like an update and kind of tell you what i plan for the week. so last i started drafting a post about items that i want to add to my wardrobe, well i don’t know if it should be called a wardrobe, maybe more of a clothing collection. anyways, so i started that and quickly realized that this was going to be a huge post because i just have alot of pictures of the individual items i’m talking about and i kind of want to add all of them, so i think i’m just going to make it a weekly series, that way it’s not super long and i can add as many pictures as i like. another thing i have planned this week is a food post, so stay tuned for that. Finally i’ve recently discovered (well ok, not recently, i’ve actually known about it for awhile but wasn’t really into it until now) couponing, so i’ll have a seperate post about that. Oh, i guess there’s one more thing, i’ll also post my results from my first month of insanity and tell you what’s been going on with that. Β So yeah, lot’s and lot’s to work on for me, hopefully some fun things to read for you.

one more thing,haha, i am doing a shakeology challenge this month which you can read about here, and just so you know when you purchase shakeology this month you will be donating 90 meals to Feeding America and receiving a $10 credit that can be used toward a future order.

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my posts, i really do appreciate it so much :D.