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So I have kind of been obsessing over a protective hair style(if you don’t know what that is, click here) this month that I want to try and do for the winter. last year I did box braids, and I loved them.

picture001 picture00018276_4917528304819_88608836_n

please ignore my face in the top 2 photos, I was being silly, anyways, I loved it because I was able to add some fun colors without actually having to bleach my hair. when it comes to my hair, i’m pretty gentle with it, I only straighten with a flat iron once or twice a year , I detangle my hair in the shower with a conditioner that has slip and I ONLY use my fingers to do this, I usually wear my hair in twists or braids and let them down during the weekend, and you know, I could go on and on, the point is I baby my hair and it has responded favorably to this treatment by growing long and healthy. I’ve been a natural for 4 years now (woah) and my hair length ( when pulled taught) is a little bit past mid back, which is exciting for me because I’ve never had hair that long. Anyways, i’m getting off track, back to what I was talking about: Marley/Havana twists! that’s what I want to do this year. I installed the box braids myself and you know, they came out fine for it being my first time doing something like that. They weren’t super neat, but that was ok with me. So I figure, having a little bit of experience, that havana or marley twists or whatever you want to call them should be easy to do, and of course when I actually go to do it i’m going to do some fun colors. my plan is to have most of it my natural color and then have some that are the lightest color it comes in, which I think is an almost platinum blonde color and also try and find some that are a pastel pink and a lilac or lavender color. If I can’t find pastel pink or lilac, i’ll just get more of the lightest color and dye it. Pretty excited about it and i’ll make sure to do a post about it when I actually do it. Until then, here are some examples of marley/Havana twists:

Red/Black Havana Twists

Blonde and Black Havana Twists

Black, Grey and Blue Havana Twists

So pretty. Thank you for reading and if you want a post about my hair journey, let me know :D.