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so this is a weekly series i’m trying out, let me know what you think by you know, commenting and stuff. so without further ado! (o and just so you know, they are not listed in any particular order and all these images came from my pinterest account.)


This sweater just looks amazingly soft and cozy. I can see myself wearing this all the time, to the point of my husband asking me to wash it.(not that, that has ever happened. don’t judge me) . The neutral color also makes me happy.


I just absolutely love the light pink blouse and tory birch flats. the bag and watch are also amazing and the sparkle of the tank top is a nice touch. however the earrings, sunglasses and pants I can take it or leave it.


the idea of an all black outfit with beautiful gold accessories is just incredibly chic to me. love everything!


This outfit is just magical. I love the flowiness of the skirt and the simple black top and how she anchored it with this artfully tied belt. i’m also pretty jealous of the camera she’s using :).


last but not least this. i’m kind of obsessed with finding the perfect pair of flared jeans, i’m not saying this particular pair are the perfect pair for me, but on her they look beautiful. I even like the hat, and i’m not a hat person. I think this is a perfect fall outfit for Alaska, it just looks warm and flowy, if that makes sense.

that’s all, I hope you enjoy my rambling opinions, haha.